Contract Negotiation

Waukeen is a determined negotiator with extensive experience in contract and employment law. With over 20 years of practicing law, Waukeen is an ideal fit for any contract needs.

Draft Preparation

GSG helps athletes reach their full athletic potential with extensive training programs that are tailored to fit each individual's needs. Working with top-tier trainers and programs that specialize in combine and draft preparation allows our clients to excel when showcasing their talents.


GSG utilizes our abundance of resources to establish each athlete's individual brand. We partner with the finest and most trusted companies to ensure that each client is comfortable with their experience.

Money Management

Partnering and working with several trusted money management firms has helped prepare GSG clients for life after their athletic careers. We are proactive in our approach and always emphasize being fully prepared when it comes to post- athletic endeavors.

Personal Commitment

Few agencies can provide the type of one on one commitment that GSG delivers on a daily basis. With a well-equipped staff, our clients' needs are the top priority. When you are with us, you are family.

Social Media

Being active on social media is a necessary component to not only stay connected but to further our clients' reach. We have the tools to increase your online exposure and build your brand.